HIST3P31: The Historian’s Toolbox

In HIST3P31: The Historian’s Toolbox a small group of bright 3rd- and 4th-year students explored some different ways of looking at History as a discipline – how we could use history to address public audiences, make history legible in public fora, and use various tools familiar to the historian to tackle some of the questions currently facing society. We looked at the “history of History” and some of the changes that the discipline has undergone over the years. One of the assignments in the class was to spend a week “living history” and using historical sources to inform our daily routines. Here I share a couple of the results of that assignment, by Eli Cohen and Jessica Linzel – two smart students from Brock who really threw themselves into the assignment.

You can also follow the experience of Sean Thomas, another student in HIST3P31, as he lived the life of a soldier in the Revolutionary War, here on the Brock Faculty of Humanities blog.